Mayor Preferred O’Neill to Mintz Levin Lobbyists

By Josh Resnek

It is July 9, 2013. Everything having to do with getting a casino here is in full swing with the mayor of Everett taking all the bait put out to lure him to Wynn Resorts.

In this case, he is speaking with Gamal Aziz formerly a big time Wynn Resorts executive who opened the Macau casino.

However the casino opening was sub par for the Wynn folks.

Aziz ultimately left Wynn Resorts.

In July of 2013, according to information we have received, Aziz and the mayor were in touch frequently.

In this instance the mayor is hoping for Aziz to get all the lobbyists together for a discussion, at the very least, to bring former Lt. Governor Tommy O’Neill to the Wynn Casino banquet table.

The following is the information we have received of this discussion between the mayor and Aziz.

The mayor waits for Aziz to answer his call.

“Hello, hello. Hello, hello. Hello, hello,,” the mayor sings while waiting for Aziz to pick up.

“Mr. Mayor,” Aziz says.

Upon hearing his familiar voice the mayor replies.

“How are you,” the mayor says.

“I’m fine. How are you, Carlo?” Aziz asks.

“I’m doin good. I’m doin good,” the mayor says.

“I thought I’d see you ah yesterday,” the mayor tells Aziz.

“You did a spectacular job yesterday.” Aziz says to the mayor.

“Oh ya?” the mayor replies.

“The surrounding community meetings,, Everyone told me how good you did.” Aziz says.

“Thank you so much,” the mayor answers.

Thanks for all you did,” Aziz adds.

“Thanks very much,” the mayor replies.

“A couple of city councilors from um Medford…” says the mayor.

Aziz interrupts him.

“Hey Carlo, I’m on a plane and its taking off.If I lose you I’ll call when I land. I’ll be landing in about an hour.”

“OK. OK.,” the mayor replies.

“Um,” the mayor continues.

“Next time you come up I want you to meet a friend of mine Tom O’Neill, the former Lt. Governor. His father was the Speaker of the House in Washington DC, Tip O’Neill.”

“Of course,” Aziz says..

“I told Tom I would introduce you to him.” he tells Aziz.

“Tocco and Havern may get upset because they are all in the same line of work.. (Steve Tocco and former senator Robert Havern headed up the Mintz Levin lobbying group)

“Tom has close connections in Washington, especially with the president and all those other groups,” the mayor tells Aziz.

“I just want to facilitate a conversation. That’s all. Nothing more than a conversation,” the mayor says to Aziz.

“Carlo, that’s a great idea. I’d like to do that on my next visit. Let’s plan it for my next visit.”

“You let me know when you’re coming up and I’ll schedule it with Tom,” the mayor replies.

“Sounds great. Thanks again for yesterday. Like I said, I heard you did a fantastic job.Thanks for all your help.”

“My pleasure. My pleasure,” the mayor gushes..”Be safe. Where you goin? Anywhere good.?” the mayor asks Aziz.

“I’m going to Philadelphia and then on to Las Vegas.” “Beautiful. Be careful,” the mayor answers.
“I’ll speak with you very soon,” Aziz. tells Carlo. “Best to the family,” Aziz adds.

“Thank you. Thank you very much,’ Carlo answers.

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