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Christmas Season

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By Josh Resnek

Thanksgiving has come and gone, just like that, with the snap of a finger.

Now it is on to Christmas.

I’m Jewish. My father never allowed Christmas in the house.

We never had a tree. There were no presents.

The day would come and go like any other day.

Listening to Christmas carols wasn’t exactly on the menu- and Christmas dinner – well, what is that?

On the other hand, when growing up, I watched everyone else getting ready for the holiday.

Looked like an awful lot of fun from my perspective. About 20 years ago, I married a non-Jewish woman, an English woman, yes, from England.

She is absolutely non-religious and she loves to always say that she is a member of the Church of England – “The last thing the Church of England has anything to do with is religion!,” she often says.

For my wife, Christmas is about the tree – and we now have a great tree in our living room every year, decorated with 100 year old trimmings that were my wife’s grandparents’.

My daughters and their friends always have a party when trimming the tree.

$4M Put Toward Taxes; City Left With $9M

City Councilor Fred Capone said the only way to achieve true tax relief is by cutting expenditures.

By Josh Resnek

If you watch council hearings on Everett Cable and wonder what has been talked about by officials regarding taxes, join the crowd.

Understanding the taxation situation here is like entering a maze that is impossible to navigate.

Monday night, the city council approved a measure asked for

by the mayor and the Board of Assessors and Chief Financial Of officer Eric Demas.

In the end, $4 million off the city’s free cash went to drop the taxes paid by homeowners.

Without spending cuts, as suggested by Councilor Fred Capone, putting free cash against a tax rate that is rising everyday is not good public policy.

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Past Transgression

Robert DeSalvio
Wynn Resorts Vice President Robert DeSalvio.

Wynn VP Robert DeSalvio Caught Violating Casino Laws

Foxwoods Fined $30,000 in 2001

Infraction Not a Factor in MGC Investigation

By Josh Resnek

Wynn Resorts Vice-President for the Everett operation Robert DeSalvio had a problem in 2001 that related directly to his integrity as an officer of Foxwoods Resort Casino where he was employed.

He was among six top executives at Foxwoods who were made to sign consent decrees and the casino then paid a $30,000 fine to settle allegations that they violated regulatory standards while trying to build a clientele of wealthy international gamblers.

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Gifted Conversationalist, Empathetic Listener
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Alice Irene McMahon Farren passed away on July 15, 2018, beloved by all who knew her. She was a brilliant spirit who didn’t just shine, but sparkled.

Born in Everett in 1927 to Charles and Alice McMahon, Alice graduated Everett High
School early at the age of sixteen to assist the WWII war effort as a cost accountant at General Electric.


Former Everett Resident
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Rita (Frongillo) Lewis, 89, formerly of Everett, died peacefully on Nov. 4 at Chapel Pointe retirement community in Carlisle, Pennsylvania after a brief illness.