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Sgt. Joe Gaff

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By Josh Resnek

There are times at city hall free of politics that warm the heart.

Monday evening was such a night.

The elevation of Patrolman Joe Gaff to sergeant brought together the Gaff Family, lovely people, and about 25 of Gaff’s brothers on the police force including the chief.

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The large crowd (below) in the city council chamber Monday night for police officer Joe Gaff stands in silence as he takes the oath to be a sergeant. Following the taking of the oath, the crowd broke out into a heavy round of applause. Above, Joe Gaff and his wife, Nancy.

Gaff CrowdThis was completely a celebration with good feeling. There was not a touch of anything but good feeling and congratulations.

As Joe took the oath from City Clerk Sergio Cornelio, to the moment Joe’s wife Nancy pinned his sergeant’s badge onto his chest, well, it was all about good feeling, accomplishment and a bit of raw emotion.

The Gaffs are classy folks. They are the real thing.This is a together family with many friends throughout the city.

They were all there for Joe Monday night in the council chamber.

Joe is a great, great guy with an honest and full smile, a huge personality, who is well known to the residents of Everett he has served with dignity and honor for 30 years.

“It only took you 30 years to become a sergeant!” Chief Steve Mazzie said to him before patting him on the back and exchanging handshakes and a bear hug with Gaff.

City Negotiating With Victim of Harassment

$300,000 Agreement Being Discussed

By Josh Resnek

A female employee of the city’s Wellness Center is poised to receive a potentially huge settlement now being discussed by attorneys following her allegations of bullying and sexual harassment.

“The number they want is $300,000,” said a source close to the negotiations.

“The city is trying to hold out for $250,000,” he said.

If a settlement is reached, it would end a situation that has dogged the Wellness Center for almost a year.

The female employee alleges she was bullied and sexually harassed by a man and women who work with her at the Wellness Center.

She also alleges, according to her father, that she begged the mayor to aid her in the situation she was facing at the Wellness Center.

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Antonelli Approved By Planning Board

Developer Greg Antonelli talks about the building he is going to erect at 605 Broadway in front of the Planning Board Monday night. The meeting went well for Antonelli who received the go ahead to build from the board.

By Josh Resnek

If the meeting of the Planning Board Monday night at city hall was a symphony it could be said it ended with a grand flourish.

In the end, after a lot of discussion about one project and not very much about the other, it was finally done.

Nearly a year’s worth of negations with the Zoning Board of Appeals and the Planning Board has ended successfully with two new buildings to take their place at 605 Broadway and in Glendale Square.

The Planning Board gave final approvals to two projects, being developed, one by Greg Antonelli, the well known developer and local businessman.

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Pope John Drops High-Powered Finale at Gillette Stadium

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Head Coach Paul Sobolewski is surrounded by his players after Pope John captured the Eastern Mass. Championship.

By Lorenzo Recupero

Behind the tutelage of first year head coach Paul Sobolewski, the 2018 Pope John football team made a name for itself, even with the, 45-36, loss against St. Bernard’s in the MIAA Division 8 Super Bowl last weekend at Gillette Stadium.

The thriller of a game will go down as the second most high-scoring affair in MIAA championship game history, with 81 points dropped combined between the two electrifying teams.

And In the eyes of the man at the helm, the biggest loss in recent program history may actually be setting up the next biggest win.

“[The Super Bowl] loss was more beneficial to the team than the 12 wins,” said Sobolewski, a reasoning that he says stems from a majority of the team being underclassmen, including its leading scorer, sophomore John Smith Howell. “As a program, we will learn a lot more from this,” he said while noting that his players have not left his office since their last game, unable to halt the focus on football ahead of them.

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