Steady Stream of Opioid Overdoses Plagues City

By Josh Resnek

The identity of the 32 year old woman found dead of an opioid overdose on Thanksgiving Day on Glendale Street is being withheld by Everett Police. Police have either been unable to identify her next of kin or contact them.

Police said Tuesday that her death is being investigated by Everett Police detectives and officials in the District Attorney’s office as an overdose but that an ongoing investigation into the circumstances of her death could lead to other charges against those she was with before she died.

Police said she died inside the house on Glendale Street and was dragged from the house and dumped on the sidewalk where she was ultimately found.

In the time since her overdose death the Everett police have been busy.

On the 29th of November a 25 year old female overdosed on opioids. She was found by police in a vehicle on Devens Street. She apparently survived after being rushed to the hospital, according to the police.

On the 30th, police found a 61 year old man on School Street. His death was written in police records as an “overdose fatality.” The state medical examiner is now trying to

determine exactly what drug or combination of them led to the man’s death.

On Summer Street on December 1st, police found a 41 year old man suffering from an apparent overdose of opioids.

He was administered Narcan, the life saving drug that brings overdose victims back to life.

He was removed by ambulance to the Cambridge Alliance Health Center (formerly the Whidden Hospital) where he is recovering.

“There is an overdose every couple of days,” said an Everett police officer. “It is very depressing and frankly, I don’t understand it.”


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