The Mayor and Matt Maddox

The nearly finished Wynn Resorts Casino and Hotel dominates the local skyline and neighbor- hood as work all around it continues at a feverish pace.

Hatching the Casino Deal

This is part of a continuing series about information The Leader Herald has received regarding a large number of conversations that took place between the mayor and all the major players in the casino project. This particular conversation took place between the mayor and Matt Maddox, the president of Wynn Resorts when Steve Wynn was still calling the shots. This conversation takes place March 3, 2013 and what is being discussed is the plan for the casino/ hotel which Steve Wynn has worked up and which the city must accept for the project to move forward. The plan is to be unveiled shortly when this conversation takes place. Also taking place at the same time, was an ongoing FBI investigation into public corruption in Everett as well as a State Police investigation into the land transactions for the 36 acres the casino/hotel is to be built upon.

– The Editor

“Hey Carlo. Its Matt Maddox. Just wanted to make sure you got what I did with my team. I think I reflected everything we had a chance to talk about it.”

“I haven’t really had a chance to read it or anything. Don’t worry about me, about anything,” the mayor replies.

“I know its going to be a good event. Look I reflected in there everything we talked about. I want to make sure we’re cool and on the same page,” Maddox says to the mayor..


“I’ve been busy all day. I’m in here … now. I want to go over things and get back to you right away,” the mayor answered.

“Look I want to represent to Steve that I had a great conversation with the mayor yesterday. Can I do this, Carlo?” He asked.

“I am. I wasn’t the happiest after the conversation yesterday. The wind in my sails weren’t in it anymore. I was taken aback about a few things. I talked with Bob Havern (Mintz Levin lobbyist and attorney) today. There could be a little more resolution. Yes. I felt a lot better talking to Bob today. I’m actually pumped up now. I really want this to happen,” the mayor said to Maddox..

“We do too. This is a big deal. What’s on the table is really big. Once you see the renderings and what we want to do…look this is a project that most people would drool over,”Maddox told the mayor enthusiastically.

“Did you guys settle in on Wynn Harbor Park? Will Steve be saying anything about it tonight?”

“I don’t think he’ll be saying that tonight. He likes the softer feel,” Maddox said to the mayor.

“Harbor and Park are two words we all say” The mayor mimics the words: “Haba and Pahk”

“Like a Wynn haba pack,”” Maddox jokes. They both laugh heartily.

“You see Wynn and you see Encore… the only thing is the marina. Nothing talks about the arena. You know how I feel. There is marina space in there and so forth. I want a marina,” the marina said to him.

“Here’s the deal with the marina, Carlo. There’s not the space for a full marina there. What we’ll have are docks. Public access for boats coming in and out of the water but to commit to a marina when environmental folks say its impossible…that’s just crazy.

“There was some talk about the salt flats. There are boats that come in and need a turnaround. We need to…the harbor place… they are going to want to see some sort of public use Matt, the mayor says stumbling and stuttering..

“The public will have access to water, taxis all that thing. We can’t put a dock there but we have been told a large marina cannot go there. What we have to say, what we’re going to do is to allow access – to say there is a giant marina to park your boat, We can’t do that” he told Carlo.

“I’m looking forward to meeting Mr. Gordon. Other than that I’ll look over that. Are you going to be on the phone call tonight?” the mayor asked Maddox.

“Yeah. Of course.”

“I just want to be able to tell Steve that we’re set with the city. We want to work very closely to bring this to life. I’ve got something. It’s an early draft. You can see where we’re goin. Renderings,”Maddox said to the mayor.

“Are you going to show that to the Chamber Thursday?” the mayor asked him.

“No definitely not,” Maddox replied.


“You see things first, Carlo.”

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 10.07.09 PM.png
A man crosses the street in neighboring Somerville on Tuesday less than a mile from the casino and hotel opening in 2019. Traffic mitigation efforts and roadway/sidewalk improvements for pedestrians are well underway as is plainly visible.

“John Tocco has it. Steve has it and just the Wynn organization. I want to talk with Steve about sharing it with you. I think it looks pretty cool,” he added.

“That’s awesome. That’s awesome,” the mayor repeats.

“What the site is today to what it is going to be is a big deal, Carlo,” Maddox adds.

“How are you getting me this information. Do you want to email to me? If you e-mail it others will see it.”

“No,” said Maddox.

“Let Steve know I’m coming to Arizona. I can just pop over. Maybe we can get together. It would be a great time for me to see it,” the mayor says to Maddox.

“No.That won’t be done,” Maddox answers.

“It’s a ___load of jobs and money. 4000 jobs, Carlo,” Maddox says to the mayor..

“Right. I’ll talk with you soon.”

“Bye Carlo,” Maddox says.

“Yeah. Yeah,” the mayor replied.



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