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Antonelli Approved By Planning Board

Developer Greg Antonelli talks about the building he is going to erect at 605 Broadway in front of the Planning Board Monday night. The meeting went well for Antonelli who received the go ahead to build from the board.

By Josh Resnek

If the meeting of the Planning Board Monday night at city hall was a symphony it could be said it ended with a grand flourish.

In the end, after a lot of discussion about one project and not very much about the other, it was finally done.

Nearly a year’s worth of negations with the Zoning Board of Appeals and the Planning Board has ended successfully with two new buildings to take their place at 605 Broadway and in Glendale Square.

The Planning Board gave final approvals to two projects, being developed, one by Greg Antonelli, the well known developer and local businessman.

Antonelli represented himself before the Planning Board.

Attorney Paul DeLory represented the second developer.

Antonelli and board member Leo Pizzano went back and forth about what color brick he was going to use, and where the brick would be found.

The issue was finally resolved when Antonelli said it would be red brick and lighter colors above.

Pizzano said he was satisfied. That ended the hearing.

At 605 Broadway Antonelli will be building a three story building with 18 residential units and one commercial space on the first floor.

He has indicated the first floor will become a coffee shop where the city’s new residents can collect and mix with residents taking advantage of such a place.

The first floor exterior will be red brick, according to Antonelli. The remainder of the building will have lighter colored composite exteriors.

Antonelli is investing $5 million on the project.

He will begin construction at the beginning of the spring.

DeLory indicated his client made slight changes to the exterior finish of his proposed three story, 20 micro unit building on Ferry Street just outside of Glendale Square.

The changes appeared to please the Planning Board.

DeLory’s clients project proposal before the Planning Board passed swiftly.

This project removes a lodging house and replaces it with apartment units.

Both new projects are located on bus lines making public transportation convenient and accessible.

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