City Negotiating With Victim of Harassment

$300,000 Agreement Being Discussed

By Josh Resnek

A female employee of the city’s Wellness Center is poised to receive a potentially huge settlement now being discussed by attorneys following her allegations of bullying and sexual harassment.

“The number they want is $300,000,” said a source close to the negotiations.

“The city is trying to hold out for $250,000,” he said.

If a settlement is reached, it would end a situation that has dogged the Wellness Center for almost a year.

The female employee alleges she was bullied and sexually harassed by a man and women who work with her at the Wellness Center.

She also alleges, according to her father, that she begged the mayor to aid her in the situation she was facing at the Wellness Center.

Her father claims nothing was done.

She alleges that the bullying and sexual harassment was a daily thing at the center where the man and woman and herself worked together closely.

The sexual harassment, it is believed, included sexually charged talk aimed at her directly.

The bullying, it is believed, was about innuendo aimed at her directly everyday.

It is not known which of the two co-workers did the sexual harassment and which did the bullying.

Sources claim it was the male co-worker who did the sexual harassment and the female co-worker did the bullying.

Both the man and the woman charged with these allegations remain in their positions at the Wellness Center.

In another development relating to the Wellness Center, it was revealed in a private memo the Leader Herald received from the city solicitor’s office that the Wellness Center is getting a new employee previously in ISD apparently transferred to fill a clerical position at the Wellness Center.

This explains the transfer of $32,000 from the ISD to the Wellness Center as requested by the mayor.

The mayor’s office is in charge of the Wellness Center.

The mayor refused to comment.

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