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Encore Missing The Point on Business Interruption on Lower Broadway

Encore – Wynn Resorts needs to immediately compensate the small businesses that have been forced to nearly shut their doors as the casino monster rising closes the streets in and around them on lower Broadway.

Encore officials interviewed, as reported, expressed no concern whatsoever about the real time cash losses businesses are suffering because clients can’t get to their offices in the spider web of streets across from the casino-hotel site.

Encore officials reportedly dismissed the complaints as regrettable interruptions to be expected when construction is ongoing.

Oh really.

Can you imagine what Encore would be doing if the tables were turned?

Encore would never put up with such a devastating financial inconvenience brushed off as something that will be over soon.

We know first hand how one longtime businessman in the area of concern has been almost put out of business by the Encore folks closing off streets and making entrance to many streets impossible.

My car repairman Joe Caruso has lived and worked from his shop on 49 Robin Street for about 30 years.

There isn’t a nicer man in business in this city than Mr. Caruso.

He told the Leader Herald last week cars couldn’t get into and out of his shop – a literal and physical disaster.

Others are in the same x.

They don’t need to be told about the improvements being made, or that its only a few days more, or that everything will be OK.

Going out of business so the casino can survive is asking a bit too much of the lower Broadway business people not made rich by selling out to the casino.

Encore should be ashamed of itself for not helping those across the street from their casino.

Iff they can give away $10 million to help do good agencies outside of Everett, then they certainly can afford the pittance it would take to compensate businesses being put out of business because of their construction efforts on Lower Broadway.

This isn’t a complaint about Encore being cheap because Encore is not cheap. Encore tosses around huge sums of money to its attorneys, to lobbyists, to vendors and to anyone and everyone they need to get this project done.

Encore saves itself from problems by tossing money at them and they go away.

They are being put out of business within sight of the richest development in modern history in Massachusetts.

These businesses need to be compensated for their losses.

Encore needs to compensate the few vendors going out of business on Lower Broadway. It would be the right thing to do.

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