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The mayor is shown storming out of the executive session and trying to order the Leader Herald photographer to get away from him at the School Committee meeting Monday night. Frederick Foresteire was placed on paid administrative leave by the School Committee pending the outcome of an independent investigation into charges of sexual harassment lodged against him which he denies. The mayor is an ex-officio member of the School Committee.

Marchese Calling For Mayor to Step Aside; Asks For Independent Investigation

By Josh Resnek

In the wake of sexual harassment allegations made against Superintendent of Schools Frederick Foresteire, who has stepped aside while an independent investigation into the charges is pursued, City Councilor Mike Marchese is asking his colleagues to order up the same for the mayor.

Marchese said he is asking for the mayor to step aside and to be investigated independently for evidence of sexual harassment.

Marchese said he also wanted to know why the mayor has been spending tens of thousands of dollars every month in payments to criminal attorneys at the law rm Greenberg Traurig. He said his colleagues in government should want to know also.

“We need to know what these payments are for. What has the mayor done that he needs such high powered criminal attorneys? What is he hiding?” Marchese asked during an interview with the Leader Herald.

“I am standing up to the mayor. It is impossible to believe he can still be in of ce after the sexual harassment charges that have been lodged against him,” he said.

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Since 2003, the mayor has faced at least four serious charges of alleged sexual harassment thoroughly documented by the Boston Globe in a 2014 investigative report.

The Leader Herald is in possession of official police documents detailing one of the incidents led against him, and which was reported by the Boston Globe.

The accusations made against the mayor in that report are startling if true.

“If the superintendent of schools can step aside because of the allegations of sexual harassment lodged against him, why shouldn’t the mayor be forced to do the same for the four incidents he is alleged to have committed? What is good for the goose should be good for the gander,” said Marchese.

Local activists have begun focusing on the sexual harassment issues that appear to be abundant in the city, and especially in city government.

“The silence of Everett public officials about sexual harassment is deafening,” said local activist and political contender Gerly Adrien.

“Where is the mayor – of course –  he can’t speak out, can he,” she said.

The mayor refused to comment.




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