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Superintendent On Leave; Gauthier Named to Interim Post

By Josh Resnek

Longtime school superintendent Frederick F. Foresteire has taken a paid leave of absence pending the outcome of a school committee ordered independent investigation into sexual harassment charges lodged against him.

Mrs. Janice Guathier, a longtime administrative official for the school department was appointed interim school superintendent.

Gauthier pledged to continue business as usual and said she was urging continuity and care for the kids as her chief responsibilities.

A large crowd filled the top floor library at the Everett High School where the school committee holds its meetings.

Gerly Adrien and several organizers shouted out to the crowd during the executive session that was held that the school committee, the city council, the state rep and the state senator and the mayor were involved in a conspiracy of silence about the sexual harassment issues that appear to haunt some high city officials.

“The silence is deafening,” Adrien said.

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