Embattled Wynn Resorts Pulling Out All The Stops

By Josh Resnek 

Wynn Resorts is facing the outcome of a year long investigation into allegations that key executives, including Steve Wynn lied before the Massachusetts Gaming Commission when vying with Suffolk Downs for the right to a state gaming license.

If, in fact, this is the case, Wynn Resorts cannot be found suitable to continue holding the gaming license issued to it some months back by the MGC.

To this end, there is a battle now ongoing in Superior Court in Las Vegas between Steve Wynn’s lawyers, and lawyer’s for the MGC, who will be meeting next week to untangle the web of legalize holding up the MGC from issuing their long awaited report on Wynn Resorts suitability.

Ten days ago, a Superior Court judge in Las Vegas upheld Steve Wynn’s argument and said she would hear the case next week.

This case will determine whether or not the court sees the situation the way Steve Wynn does, that is, Wynn has asserted that the MGC has used documents that cannot see the light of day.

The legal reasoning is that in the MGC’s haste to gather all its evidence, they abused the client-lawyer-company privileges that would protect Steve Wynn from things being made public that by law cannot be made public.

The MGC has apparently urged the court to act quickly as prolonged time spent in court could push back the opening date for the casino in Everett – which would be a catastrophe for the city and the company.

In the meantime, speculation continues to swirl about whether or not the MGC will act like a legal entity and take Wynn Resorts license from it because Steve Wynn lied before the MGC when he was going for the license.

Such lies that are proven invalidate the suitability statue the MGC is apparently governed by.

However, many others familiar with the actions of the MGC when its former chair Stephen Crosby was running it, claim that the MGC doesn’t have to abide by any set rules…it can create its own, or simply ne Wynn Resorts if the company’s executives are found to have lied before the MGC.

Most observers claim Wynn Resorts being denied its license by the MGC over the matter of suitability is about as possible as a volcano erupting on Alford Street.

Observers who claim to know predict that Wynn Resorts will be handed a stiff ne and all will be forgotten.

“The project is just too big to fail,” said an official with the situation.

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