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Ersilia Matarazzo-Cataldo Laid to Rest at Woodlawn Cemetery

Shown in the above photograph is Ersilia Matarazzo-Cataldo seated in an Everett fire engine during a Kiwanis event which was called, “The Bike Rodeo.” It was an event for kids, according to former Kiwanis president John Mattuchio. “This was held in May 2013, and there’s Ersilia jumping right up into the fire truck and sitting behind the wheel just like a kid. She was like that,” Mattuchio added. Mattuchio said Matarazzo was a “great gal. The very best there was.”

Leader HeraLd Staff report

A huge throng attended the funeral for Ersilia Matarazzo-Cataldo, one of the best known and beloved woman in this city.

She was waked at Rocco’s Wednesday. A large outpouring of grief and respect was shown for her at her wake, which brought out a huge number of people from all walks of life.

She was laid to rest at Woodlawn Cemetery, Thursday.

She was 50 years old.

Within Everett she served on the School Committee, Board of Registrars and was also on the Board of Assessors.

She was Vice President of The Kiwanis Club and a devoted church member allowing her to share her love throughout the community through numerous charitable ventures and opportunities to volunteer.

She was the secretary and church member at St. Anthony Church in Everett.

“She was our vice-president with 17 years of service. She was involved with everything we did. She was somebody who you loved. She was a great, great person,” said John Matucchio, a past president of the Kiwanis Club who served with Mrs. Matarazzo.

“She was a kid at heart, a one of a kind. Her loss is losing a great friend. She was an all around great person. This is an absolutely great loss. Everyone who knew her respected her. She was a great, great lady. We won’t find her ever again,” Mattuchio said.

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