Ersilia Matarazzo-Cataldo

We wish to comment brie y on the bright life of Ersilia Matarazzo- Cataldo.

She died last week. She was waked at Rocco’s Funeral Home.

She is being buried amid a frenzy of sadness and tears. For her family and her many, many friends, her death is inexplicable.

How could this have happened to someone so good, so positive, so interested in others and her community?

Why is it always that the good often die long before their time?

We cannot answer such questions but we can speak to the memory of Mrs. Matarazzo-Cataldo.

What she leaves is an exclamation point for what was unfairly taken from her.

She leaves a huge following of men and women in this city who were touched by the brightness of her life.

She wasn’t a taker. She was a giver.

She gave of herself to her community, to her church, and to

her family.

She made people feel special. She was charitable.

Everyone who knew her, whom we have spoken with about her, said the same thing: “A wonderful, beautiful, loving woman who was always about more than herself.”

We offer our condolences to her son Carmine and his wife Ashley, to Amata, and Giuseppe Matarazzo.

Also, we offer our most humble condolences to her father and mother, Elvira and Giuseppe Cataldo.

In addition, we offer heartfelt condolences to her sisters Maria Pagliuca and her husband Antonio; Tricia Larocca and her husband Giuseppe; Adriana Carbo and her husband Anthony; Gina Maniscalco and her husband Andrew; Erminia Buscaino and her husband Joseph; Giuseppina Cerasuolo and her husband Marc; Anthony Cataldo and his wife Silvia; and Amy Buscaino and her husband Joseph.

If only man was God and we could bring her back again.

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