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School Committee Meeting Moved to Jan. 2

By Josh Resnek

A School Committee hearing originally scheduled for December 26 or December 27, has apparently been re-scheduled to January 2, 2019.

It is expected that the next session of the School Committee will have at list one discussion held behind closed doors referring to the recent changes that have gone on having to do with the superintendent.

Mrs. Janet Gauthier, the acting superintendent, has been getting settled in her new seat since the retirement of Frederick F. Foresteire last week.

Rumors are swirling about regarding where exactly allegations against Foresteire are heading now that he has retired.

It is believed this coming executive session could be related to this.

In the meantime, Foresteire is facing an investigation by the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination after a former school department employee leveled charges at him claiming that she had been the victim of sexual harassment.

To this date in time, hers is the only charge made against Foresteire.

Foresteire resigned after more than a half century of service to the school department.

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