Winter Is Here

As if we didn’t know!

Winter is officially here. It arrived Wednesday without fanfare.

There is no snow or ice in the forecast for the first week of January…but we know this.

Despite Global Warming, this will likely be a winter like most others – a winter marked by severe cold, lot’s of snow and ice, and all the grumbling that comes with it.

We are, after all, New Englanders.

We are not sitting on the beach in Florida.

We are not fighting Bruch fires in California.

We are listening to our heating systems going on and off, more on than off, during this, the coldest part of the season.

We are almost at the dead of winter when it has just officially begun.

There is more winter in front of us than behind us; more disruption and expense than we all like to think about.

Although the next few days during this week after Christmas are expected to bring heavy rain and warmth, winter is here.

It isn’t going anywhere.

All the ice melting in Antarctica won’t make a difference this year.

Get ready for snow, ice, severe cold, and the New England winter.

Not even Mother Nature can control what is going to happen to the climate locally until April.

And this is a guarantee.

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