Winter Is Here

As if we didn’t know!

Winter is officially here. It arrived Wednesday without fanfare.

There is no snow or ice in the forecast for the first week of January…but we know this.

Despite Global Warming, this will likely be a winter like most others – a winter marked by severe cold, lot’s of snow and ice, and all the grumbling that comes with it.

We are, after all, New Englanders.

We are not sitting on the beach in Florida.

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2018 Is Over 2019 Is Upon Us

None of us can predict what happens in a given year.

There is no way of knowing what will befall us in a given year.

There are years of great hope. There are years of despair. Everything is in front of us. Everything is behind us.

We are all going to heaven.

We are all going the other way.

This is a paraphrase of how Charles Dickens, the great 19th Century writer, posed the questions and answered them.

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Embattled Wynn Resorts Pulling Out All The Stops

By Josh Resnek 

Wynn Resorts is facing the outcome of a year long investigation into allegations that key executives, including Steve Wynn lied before the Massachusetts Gaming Commission when vying with Suffolk Downs for the right to a state gaming license.

If, in fact, this is the case, Wynn Resorts cannot be found suitable to continue holding the gaming license issued to it some months back by the MGC.

To this end, there is a battle now ongoing in Superior Court in Las Vegas between Steve Wynn’s lawyers, and lawyer’s for the MGC, who will be meeting next week to untangle the web of legalize holding up the MGC from issuing their long awaited report on Wynn Resorts suitability.

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School Committee Meeting Moved to Jan. 2

By Josh Resnek

A School Committee hearing originally scheduled for December 26 or December 27, has apparently been re-scheduled to January 2, 2019.

It is expected that the next session of the School Committee will have at list one discussion held behind closed doors referring to the recent changes that have gone on having to do with the superintendent.

Mrs. Janet Gauthier, the acting superintendent, has been getting settled in her new seat since the retirement of Frederick F. Foresteire last week.

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Ersilia Matarazzo-Cataldo Laid to Rest at Woodlawn Cemetery

Shown in the above photograph is Ersilia Matarazzo-Cataldo seated in an Everett fire engine during a Kiwanis event which was called, “The Bike Rodeo.” It was an event for kids, according to former Kiwanis president John Mattuchio. “This was held in May 2013, and there’s Ersilia jumping right up into the fire truck and sitting behind the wheel just like a kid. She was like that,” Mattuchio added. Mattuchio said Matarazzo was a “great gal. The very best there was.”

Leader HeraLd Staff report

A huge throng attended the funeral for Ersilia Matarazzo-Cataldo, one of the best known and beloved woman in this city.

She was waked at Rocco’s Wednesday. A large outpouring of grief and respect was shown for her at her wake, which brought out a huge number of people from all walks of life.

She was laid to rest at Woodlawn Cemetery, Thursday.

She was 50 years old.

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