Cafeteria Employees Assured of Their Jobs

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The mayor shown with Wellness Center official Karen Avila to his right at Monday evening’s School Committee meeting at School Department headquarters on Vine Street. Changes are being made in what school kids are going to be eating and how the food is prepared and delivered. Shown in the background are some of the near 80 cafeteria employees who attended the meeting.

Students Will See Healthier Food

By Josh Resnek

About 80 cafeteria employees packed into the conference room at School Administration headquarters on Vine Street Monday night to hear about their future, now that Aramark, the public schools food provider, will not have their contract renewed in July.

Instead, a Request for Proposal (RFP) is being developed by the administration to attract as well as to outline exactly what the future is going to be when it comes to feeding the city’s school children, as well as to pay the tab for the changes to be made.

Right now, more than 7,000 school children are fed twice daily at all of the public schools.

“We need to teach the kids how to eat,” the mayor said.

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Collect Your Things …

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By Josh Resnek

I am not sure many people in this city know who runs the Tax Collector’s office or much less cares.

We all go there to pay our parking tickets, excise taxes, and whatever else we have been billed by the city.

It doesn’t really matter who comes to the window. Everyone is taken care of.

The Tax Collector’s office is headed by Dominico D’Angelo. He is the treasurer and collector.

I don’t know Mr. D’Angelo.

Second in command is or rather, was, Scott Porter. Porter had worked for many years in that office.

I heard some bad news about Porter when I got to my office the other day.

Tide Run Record to 9-2

By Lorenzo Recupero

The Crimson Tide boys’ basketball team is poised for another championship run in the MIAA tournament.

Currently sitting at 9-2, they need just one more victory to qualify, as the magic number of wins to make the playoffs is 10.

The team still has 9 more games, which means 9 more chances for Stanley Chamblain to capture his first playoff berth as head coach.

“[To reach the postseason] we must come out hard and executing in our game, doing the little things that the other guys don’t want to do,” said Chamblain of what it’s going to take to reach the postseason.”

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