City Officials Dispute Allegations of Sexual Harassment Charges

By Josh Resnek

Councilors Mike Marchese and Wayne Matewsky last week asked city officials to answer allegations of sexual harassment and bullying at the city’s Wellness Center on Broadway during last week’s council meeting.

The mayor (above) and his administration are baffled by claims of sexual misconduct at the Wellness Center.

Their questions apparently infuriated the mayor.

To a person, city officials, and at least one councilor, said they had no idea about any problems at the Wellness Center.

In fact, city officials said they were baffled by reports in the Leader Herald about sexual harassment charges, and bullying, against the heads of the Wellness Center.

They also dismissed as folly and rubbish assertions that a large settlement was in the works for the survivor of the sexual harassment and the bullying.

The survivor is the daughter of a former high ranking city official.

Her allegations are being made against two employees of the Wellness Center alleged to be close friends of the mayor.

The survivor has since left her job.

City officials scoffed at reports in the Leader Herald claiming all is not well at the Wellness Center.

City Attorney Colleen Mejia and Keith Slattery were apparently left “scratching their heads,” according to a report in another publication.

“There has been no charge led,” said a statement alleged to be from the city, according to the same report.

However, the Leader Herald has learned that the sexual harassment and bullying situation has been ongoing for quite some time, for longer than a year, according to a source who wished to remain unnamed.

“Her lawyer sent the city a letter demanding $110,000 several months ago. That letter seeking settlement required the city to answer the demand within five days. After being discussed at the highest level with the mayor, the city declined to answer the letter,” said the source.

In addition, the source claims that the subsequent action of Wellness Center officials was to discipline the survivor.

“Only she was disciplined, not her bosses, those responsible for the sexual harassment and the bullying,” added the source.

This is when the survivor left her job at the Wellness Center.

Early on, the survivor had gone to the mayor and to his chief of staff, according to the source, to discuss the sexual harassment and bullying. It was at that time the letter was handed over to the city seeking damages.

“To no avail,” said the source.

The source said the Wellness Center is a center for corruption and nepotism, that the survivor has been completely ignored while the leadership of the Wellness remain in their positions without having to endure a closer look at their actions.

“The survivor was humiliated by a subsequent meeting she was made to attend between those she accused and the mayor’s chief of staff.

The source claimed the mayor’s chief of staff ordered her to remain in her chair during that alleged meeting when she asked to excuse herself.

Presently, the Leader Herald has learned, a lawsuit is in the works by the survivor and her Brookline attorney.

“Nothing has changed,” said the survivor’s father when interviewed by the Leader Herald.

“And I would know,” he added.



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