Mayor Pushes for Transparency; Investigation to Include Himself?

By Josh Resnek

The mayor is agreeing and insisting with the School Committee for an investigation into the entire hierarchy of the School Department, which is likely to include the School Committee membership and himself.

As an avowed longtime close friend and confidant of former School Superintendent Fred Foresteire, and as an ex-officio member of the School Committee, the mayor is very likely to come under scrutiny in the investigation ordered by the School Committee if, in fact, the investigation is to be effective.

“The investigation we have ordered needs to be defined,” said a member of the School Committee. “It has not yet begun,” he said.

“It is the major priority of the new School Committee to be convened,” he told the Leader Herald.

The mayor revealed he is in favor of transparency, telling another newspaper that the School Committee has requested a full investigation into the entire school administration, and implying that he is for such an investigation and for the same when choosing a new superintendent.

The mayor was also quoted in another publication stating it would be “imprudent” to appoint former School Department employee Dr. Omar Easy to the position of superintendent, indicating that Dr. Easy might also well be the subject of the investigation into the School Department hierarchy.

“We also believe until all investigations are over, the position of superintendent should be posted and those candidates who make the short list would be required to make a presentation before the School Committee. This process of hiring a new superintendent needs to be a very transparent process,” the mayor said, as he was quoted in another publication.

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