Terrence Kennedy On Top of the World

Governor’s Councillor and the noted Everett Attorney Terrence Kennedy will be swearing in Governor Charlie Baker and Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito for their second term during a joint session of the Massachusetts House and Senate Thursday at noon at the Statehouse.

In this city’s long and enduring history, no elected public official has ever performed the swearing in of the governor and Lt. Governor who came from the city of Everett.

For Governor’s Councillor Kennedy, this will be a moment to be savored and to be remembered for many years to come.

The swearing in will be televised by local TV stations, cable stations, and by MassLive.

Kennedy’s family has a long and distinguished history in this city.

Almost single handedly, Kennedy has breathed new life into the Governor’s Council since he was first elected in 2010. That election has been followed by re- election efforts in 2012, 2014, 2016 and most recently, in the 2018 election.

All his re-election efforts were won convincingly.

On November 6, 2018, Kennedy crushed Vincent Lawrence Dixon by a vote of 244,699 to 40,225.

Kennedy’s tremendous success as a human being, and as a well known and highly successful lawyer has served to highlight the power and political status that only a handful of Everett politicians have been able to gain and to wield at the State House.

As a Governor’s Councilor, his most important duty is to preside over the naming of judges to the court system throughout the state.

We wish Governor’s Councillor Kennedy well on Thursday.

We congratulate him on his stellar performance, his widespread popularity, and for his high sense of morality.

He is a good man. He is an honest man.

We need more Terrence Kennedy’s in public office.

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