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The Pats Chase Another Super Bowl Berth

It would appear if they get a small break here and there, the Patriots will be advancing to a place a lot closer to the Super Bowl than we might have imagined two weeks ago.

Their great play last weekend versus the Jets showed the Pats in all their splendor – intercepting passes, stacking quarterbacks and stopping the Jets dead whenever they needed to.

For Tom Brady, the 41 year old quarterback we all have come to know and to love, it was another stellar day with passes drilled down the middle and nearly every call just the right one. He threw four touchdown passes!

In order to get to the Super Bowl, the Patriots now need to win two games.

What are the chances of winning those two games?

“Good,” say many of the experts.

It isn’t a lock or a near certainty but good.

The Patriots will play a Divisional Round game in Foxboro in two weeks, perhaps against the Houston Texans.

Or it could be the Ravens, who have come to New England and beaten the Patriots in the past.

Or the Chargers, who are a Wild Card team but actually have a better record (12-4) than the Patriots.

The No. 1 seed in the AFC is the Chiefs, who are in position to host two playoff games en route to their first Super Bowl berth in decades. Some will tell you the Pats can’t beat the Chiefs in Kansas City.

Lot of maybes and what ifs at this time of year.

Let’s hope for the Pats to perform the miracles that champions perform as they get close to the biggest prize in pro football.

The great prize can be their’s if everything falls neatly into place.

Let see what happens.

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