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Back to Bowl … It Never Gets Old

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By Joshua Resnek

It was another historic moment for New England sports fans, and Tom Brady’s arms raised high says it all.

We all watched an extraordinary football contest on Sunday – the aging quarterback GOAT – versus the coming up fast next generation superstar Mahomes.

Let it be remembered that on this night in 2019, we watched one of the most competitive and exciting four-plus quarters of AFC Championship football ever played.

Let it also be remembered that five years from now, such raised arms in the air by a shouting Tom Brady will be a thing of the past – and the glory days of this team something to be savored whenever looking back.

Watching Tom Brady is like watching Babe Ruth. Each time he takes the field, it is another miraculous moment in a past 20 years filled with them.

There remains one more big game to follow – this year’s Super Bowl.

It is written in the stars that the Pats will score another great victory two weeks from now when they play in Atlanta versus the Rams.

The Rams probably understand they don’t have much of a chance at winning. After this game, the road ahead for the Patriots grows a little less certain as the NFL Super Bowl mountain is like Everest to climb.

We know this here at the Leader Herald in this city where football means so much to so many…one era is closing on this team…another era is being born.

Wine comes in through the mouth, the love our Pats comes in through the eye.

This is all we shall know for sure before we grow old and die.

We raise a toast to the Pats, and we sigh. Nothing lasts forever.

We won’t shortly be watching this gang of heroes taking the field. Like everything else in this world, great football teams don’t last forever.

Nothing lasts forever.


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