Large Crowd Attends Baxter Time in Woburn

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Everett Fire Fighter Thad Baxter’s “bunker jacket” hung on the wall at the doorway at the Woburn American Legion Post 101. Shown above is Lori Rankin, who was one of the many guests last Friday evening.

Leader Staff Report

More than 200 men, women and children, the friends of the late Thaddeus Baxter, attended a fundraising event for his family.

About 50 fire fighters with their spouses and girlfriends or family members and friends of the Baxter’s got together en masse at the American Legion Hall 101 in Woburn for the evening affair which took place Saturday.

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“This was a great, great time that shows the heart, the soul, and the generosity of our brotherhood,” said Craig Hardy, the president of the Everett Fire Fighter’s Union – and one of the chief lobbyists for the Fire Fighters of Massachusetts.

“We are here tonight to honor Thad’s dedication as well as his friendship,” Hardy added.

“This type of gathering shows how we take care of our own,” he said.

The evening celebration featured music and food and a raffle.

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