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June 19 Casino Opening at Risk; City Must Prepare

This is not about doom and gloom.

It is not about being pro or anti-casino.

It is about a harsh reality; that the casino opening on June 19 is appearing to be less and less a possibility.

The city right now needs to be planning for a potential short – term economic crisis if the grand opening is put off for several months.

A moment of crisis is nearly upon the city as it won’t get a dime from Wynn Resorts unless the casino opens its doors.

Without gambling revenues pouring in, the company won’t pay out anything to the city. This is the rough equivalent of the city facing a catastrophic hurricane. Everything must be done to secure the city’s assets or they might be blown away.

With a court in Las Vegas holding up the Gaming Commission’s suitability investigation report at least until April (a March 4 hearing is to be held in Las Vegas District Court), the casino project here is in peril. The judge will hear arguments about whether or not the court will allow or should allow the Gaming Commission’s findings to be released.

She will then take the matter under advisement and ultimately make a ruling.

This means February is gone and March also.

The June opening is in jeopardy.

The project is in peril.

If that project is in peril, the city is in peril with it.

We urge the mayor to speak honestly about the situation with the residents and property owners of the city.

We order him to get with it with a contingency plan and right away as this is a worsening situation.

The city could be swept into bankruptcy by it.

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