Second Woman Comes forward Claiming Abuse at Wellness Center

By Josh Resnek 

An employee who left her job at the Wellness Center recently said she was mistreated, retaliated against, picked on, insulted and made to feel uncomfortable by her superiors for months until she was forced to leave.

“The place is out of control,” she told the Leader Herald.

She asked that her name be withheld for fear of retaliation.

She said she informed the mayor of the problems and Dr. Omar Easy. She said she
reached out to both the mayor and Easy, and to the head of human resources as well.

She said she told them all what she was experiencing and asked them to make things right at the Wellness Center.

“The people who run it are the mayor’s friends. They go away together. They party together. They know they can do whatever they want. They tormented me. I reported it. I wrote a letter to the mayor,” she said. Continue reading Second Woman Comes forward Claiming Abuse at Wellness Center

School Committee Vows to Begin Search For a New Superintendent in 60-90 Days

By Josh Resnek

The search to replace interim Schools Superintendent Janet Gauthier will begin within 60-90 days, according to a non binding timeline set out by School Committeeman David Ela at a special meeting held at school administration headquarters on Vine Street
Monday night.

The search is expected to take 6-9 months. It requires that a search commission be chosen and that a proper advertisement be drawn up and then a search initiated. Continue reading School Committee Vows to Begin Search For a New Superintendent in 60-90 Days

Back to Bowl … It Never Gets Old

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By Joshua Resnek

It was another historic moment for New England sports fans, and Tom Brady’s arms raised high says it all.

We all watched an extraordinary football contest on Sunday – the aging quarterback GOAT – versus the coming up fast next generation superstar Mahomes.

Let it be remembered that on this night in 2019, we watched one of the most competitive and exciting four-plus quarters of AFC Championship football ever played.

Let it also be remembered that five years from now, such raised arms in the air by a shouting Tom Brady will be a thing of the past – and the glory days of this team something to be savored whenever looking back.

Watching Tom Brady is like watching Babe Ruth. Each time he takes the field, it is another miraculous moment in a past 20 years filled with them.

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Owned Russo’s Bakery in Revere
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RUSSO, Andrew N. of Everett, entered into eternal rest on Friday, January 18, 2019 in the Dexter House Healthcare in Malden. He was 80 years old.

Born in Siano, Salerno, Italy, Andy lived in Everett for most of his life. He served in the Army National Guard for many years. He was a master baker, having owned and operated his own bakery, Russo’s Bakery in Revere for over 20 years.

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— Eye on Everett —

Everyone Knows

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By Josh Resnek

Nearly every Wednesday I make the rounds of Everett City Hall delivering the Leader Herald to each and every office on all the floors.

City Hall is a special place for our readers – as nearly everyone who takes an interest in what is going on with the city they work for needs to take a look to remain informed.

I don’t exactly represent the party line. What I write and report on is always refreshing to the rank and file inside their offices behind their desks at Everett City Hall.

Unless taking part in off-campus meetings, department heads, assistant department heads, senior employees of every kind down to the rank and file custodians are always at their jobs.

To do otherwise, would be to accept their pay for doing nothing. It would be to pay lip service to what they do if they were there in a hit and miss fashion.

I am told by those who claim to know that the mayor delivered newspapers as a younger man. He had a special style. He was not your average newspaper delivery boy because he always delivered a bit more than the newspaper. Many local people who came to know his newspaper delivery exploits were left to wonder what might come of such a bold and inventive young newspaper delivery boy when he got a bit older.