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The Wellness Center

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By Josh Resnek

All is not well at the Wellness Center.

Despite the haughty and questionable reactions from city hall officials all pleading that they know nothing of a legal action coming that will involve a payout ultimately by the city to the female survivor of sexual harassment and bullying by leaders of the Center

who have not been disciplined and who still work there… well…it is the easy way out to say, “We don’t know anything about a payout coming. We have nothing before us. This is fake news.”

Fake news, indeed.

It isn’t fake news that a young woman was bullied and sexually harassed by the folks leading the Center for almost two years, who remain working there like nothing happened, obviously having some sort of power over the mayor or they would have been removed instantly and banished from the place forever.

If a full and transparent investigation was ordered by the mayor into the running of the Wellness Center, what do you think would be found?

Sainristil Begins New Chapter at Michigan

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Mike Sainristil, one of the more electrifying athletes to ever wear the crimson of Everett High, is off to Michigan. (Photo by Joseph Prezioso)

By Josh Resnek

Mike Sainristil signed a letter of intent last week to attend the University of Michigan and to play football there, a testament to his prowess on the field as one of the best high school football players in the history of the EHS program and in the state of Massachusetts.

Sainristil, known for his speed and hands and for his smooth but raw sense of command on the football field, was praised as not just a great football player but as a credit to the Everett High School.

In a massive display of his popularity at the signing last week at EHS, his coach Theluxon Pierre said of his star player: “Great, great kid. What a future he has standing before him.”

Sainristil signed the letter of intent with a huge crowd watching and cheering.

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City Officials Dispute Allegations of Sexual Harassment Charges

By Josh Resnek

Councilors Mike Marchese and Wayne Matewsky last week asked city officials to answer allegations of sexual harassment and bullying at the city’s Wellness Center on Broadway during last week’s council meeting.

The mayor (above) and his administration are baffled by claims of sexual misconduct at the Wellness Center.

Their questions apparently infuriated the mayor.

To a person, city officials, and at least one councilor, said they had no idea about any problems at the Wellness Center.

In fact, city officials said they were baffled by reports in the Leader Herald about sexual harassment charges, and bullying, against the heads of the Wellness Center.

They also dismissed as folly and rubbish assertions that a large settlement was in the works for the survivor of the sexual harassment and the bullying.

The survivor is the daughter of a former high ranking city official.

Her allegations are being made against two employees of the Wellness Center alleged to be close friends of the mayor.

The survivor has since left her job.

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Mayor Pushes for Transparency; Investigation to Include Himself?

By Josh Resnek

The mayor is agreeing and insisting with the School Committee for an investigation into the entire hierarchy of the School Department, which is likely to include the School Committee membership and himself.

As an avowed longtime close friend and confidant of former School Superintendent Fred Foresteire, and as an ex-officio member of the School Committee, the mayor is very likely to come under scrutiny in the investigation ordered by the School Committee if, in fact, the investigation is to be effective.

“The investigation we have ordered needs to be defined,” said a member of the School Committee. “It has not yet begun,” he said.

“It is the major priority of the new School Committee to be convened,” he told the Leader Herald.

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