Funds Dance In and Out of Accounts

City Has About $10 million On Hand

By Josh Resnek

The City Council after limited debate Monday night transferred almost $3 million from one city account into three separate accounts in amounts ranging from slightly more than $1 million, $899,000 and a second $899,000 to meet mandated obligations as well as to provide for coming expenses and expenditures as they may arise, according to the city’s Chief Financial Officer Eric Demas.

Demas, who explained the transfers to the council, refused to answer or was unable to answer a reporter’s yes or no question about the city’s cash position.

“Does this mean the city has about $11 million in cash on hand right now?” the reporter asked.

“I’m here watching what’s going on. I can’t answer,” he said, wishing to cast aside the reporter’s question.

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Rather Than Fighting to Lose, MGC Settles

By Josh Resnek

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission decided to settle the lawsuit Steve Wynn has against them in the District Court of Nevada last week.

The new chair of the Gaming Commission, Attorney Cathy Judd-Stein, apparently led the private proceedings with her colleagues and fellow commissioners behind closed doors to a new conclusion – that

Wynn could not be beaten and so, a settlement must take place. The decision followed five hours of debate by the commission which is seeking to release its investigative report on Steve Wynn and Wynn Resorts in order to meet as to the company’s suitability to hold a license.

What the decision does is allow the report to be released but in a redacted fashion.

Wynn has contested the report and its findings claiming they are based on illegally used client–lawyer privileged materials.

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Everett Resident to Run in Boston Marathon for MGH

Everett resident Filippo Mastrocola will run in the 123rd Boston Marathon on April 15th in support of Massachusetts General Hospital’s Emergency Response Marathon Team. Filippo will join an estimated 30,000 runners along the 26.2 mile course that spans from Hopkinton to Boston’s Boylston Street.

The funds Filippo raises will provide critical support for emergency care, disaster relief, and disaster preparedness teaching and training at Mass General, efforts that benefit victims worldwide. The Emergency Response Marathon Team’s 2019 fundraising goal is $430,000.

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Mayor’s Loyalty Questioned

When you sign the kind of document our mayor signed to aid the FBI and the Justice Department in its dogged effort during the past 6 years to uncover municipal corruption in Everett and with the city’s casino land deal, eyebrows will be raised, and justifiably.

By agreeing to give the FBI information relative to the investigations that have been ongoing, and which apparently remain ongoing, the mayor is one step short of having signed an immunity agreement which would have made him, literally, immune to prosecution for any crimes he may have committed in return for his testimony about crimes committed by others about which he is aware.

The mayor signed what the US Attorney’s office describes as a “proffer.”

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