Attorney Matt Lattanzi

There is a new assistant city solicitor doing his thing at Everett City Hall.

His name is Matt Lattanzi – that is – Attorney Matt Lattanzi.

His mother and father own Everett Supply, the popular and well stocked hardware store on Main Street.

They are influential supporters of the mayor.

Young Matt is a Boston College Law School graduate.

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Thank You, Mike McLaughlin

The vacuum the mayor’s absence has created has been filled with the rise to prominence on the city council of Mike McLaughlin.

McLaughlin has a strong work ethic. He is ambitious.

He is involved, as fully involved as a fire racing through a three family home.

While some people are busy falling McLaughlin is rising.

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Serious About Science

Everett City-Wide Middle School Science Fair

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• Bronze Medal
Nicholas Crowell (Lafayette School) The Heat is On

• Silver Medal
Philip Fonseca (English School) Decomposing Plastic

• Gold Medal
Suzanne Maharjan (Lafayette School) What Causes a Rock to Slide Down a Slope?


Sixth Grade

• Bronze Medal
Pablo Jimenez and John Luna (Lafayette School) Far Away Grabber 9000

• Silver Medal
Lucas Moreira (Parlin School) Wind Resistors

• Gold Medal
Isabella Gonzalez De Oliveira and Emily Nogueira (Parlin School) Safe Packaging

Seventh Grade

• Bronze Medal
Ilias Benmokrane (Whittier School) The Solar Visor

• Silver Medal
Nicholas Crowell (Lafayette School) The Heat is On

• Gold Medal
Suzanne Maharjan (Lafayette School) What Causes a Rock to Slide Down a Slope?

Eighth Grade

• Bronze Medal
Wessley DeOliveira and Edwin Sorto (Keverian School) H2High or H2Low

• Silver Medal
Christian Bennett, Jose Lemus, and Daniel Rivas (Keverian School) Prismatic Panels

• Gold Medal
Philip Fonseca (English School) Decomposing Plastic



Walter Aguierre and Daniel Jose Are You a Fan of Lift?

Kamily Aguilar, Krystal Ho, and Sophia Sousa Water You Drinking?

Arbela Cvitkusic and Christine Laforest Molding Olympics

Aaliyah Desdunes and Japhnie Pierre Placid Acid

Malaica Guillaum and Katherine and Olivares Guzman Pampers vs. Huggies: Ultimate Showdown

Emily Learned and Lillian Learned Paper Reinvented

Olivia McCann DNA Discovery

Clinton Ngamne Are You a Fan of Lift?

Elena Rivera and Katherine Salvador Hidden Sugar

Valeska Salazar Villanueva Egg Drop

Brendan Vega and Enrique Vega Wood vs. Aluminum


Roberto Brizuela, Anthony Cooper, and Ryan Medeiros Super Secure Safe

Matthew Escobar Cedeno Light it Up

Rachelle Nguyen and Jackeline Sampaio Applying Nano-Tech to Oil Spills


Salma Abderazzak, Ashley Maldonado, and Michelle Ngo Can Aloe Save Strawberries


Abid Akrout and Jonathan Salguero Will it Fly?

Jessica Bechirian and Jennifer DeOlivera Which Bath Bomb Dissolves Faster?

Natalie De Oliveira and Nancy Maharjan Color Chromatography

Aniyah Eutsay Strawberry DNA

Melissa Gomez and Belma Ikanovic The Pet Feeder

Steven Hernandez, Jesus Salguero, and Alexander Velasco Turning Milk into Plastic

Leyna Lamothe and Joselin Pineda Ramos What’s the Fizz

Aesha Mohammed and Gabriella Powell Solar Cell Power vs. Temperature

Brandon Orellana Firewatch

Sicari Shand Color Chromatography

Christine Vanson Drink Up

Wynn Sued for Pressuring Business to End its Lease

Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 6.59.43 PM.png
(Photo by Josh Resnek) Shown above is the building at 36 Mystic Street just 100 yards from the front door of the casino. The business owner leasing the building claims Wynn Resorts has joined with his landlord to interfere with his business by trying to break his lease.

By Josh Resnek

The Wynn Company is being sued for $9.6 million plus attorneys’ fees for intentional interference by an Everett business for allegedly attempting to force the car repair company from extending its lease with the property located at 36 Mystic Street.

A&R Realty Trust, the owner of the property across from the casino, has housed ADH Collision for the past four years.

According to Rocco Vigorito, the landlord at 36 Mystic Street, ADH Collision’s lease allows occupancy through October, 2019 and with extensions, until 2029.

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— Eye on Everett —

The Next Generation

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 5.00.04 PM

By Josh Resnek

Gerly Adrian cuts a familiar figure in the Everett of today.

At city hall, nearly everyone knows her and to know her is to like her.

In political circles, which are still largely white and male with very few exceptions here, she is a woman in a man’s world…but it is a disappearing world she is growing into prominence in.

Last time out she lost to the rep by 180 votes in what was a very close race considering the substantial backing the rep had. Congressman Michael Capuano had incumbency and everything else that comes with being part of the small family that tends to re-elect one another from race to race.

Ayanna Pressley, who wiped out Capuano is the new sheriff in town, so to speak.

Capuano isn’t even a memory at this point and as for Ayanna, we will likely never or rarely see her here.

This being said, the world opening up to Adrian is a road already traveled by Pressley, who is now serving in Congress where Capuano had sat successfully for 20 years until she rained on his parade.

What is ahead for Adrian?