Wynn Sued for Pressuring Business to End its Lease

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(Photo by Josh Resnek) Shown above is the building at 36 Mystic Street just 100 yards from the front door of the casino. The business owner leasing the building claims Wynn Resorts has joined with his landlord to interfere with his business by trying to break his lease.

By Josh Resnek

The Wynn Company is being sued for $9.6 million plus attorneys’ fees for intentional interference by an Everett business for allegedly attempting to force the car repair company from extending its lease with the property located at 36 Mystic Street.

A&R Realty Trust, the owner of the property across from the casino, has housed ADH Collision for the past four years.

According to Rocco Vigorito, the landlord at 36 Mystic Street, ADH Collision’s lease allows occupancy through October, 2019 and with extensions, until 2029.

“In its relentless pursuit to buy up as much of the property in the areas surrounding its resort casino as possible, Wynn has knowingly sought to end the ADH Collision lease agreement through improper means for its sole benefit,” said the court filing made in Federal District Court and led on February 7th.

The law suit alleges that since October 2015 to June 2016, Wynn forwarded a series of increasingly lucrative, written offers to Vigorito to sell the property.

Wynn, however, demanded that ADH Collision had to end its tenancy and for the property to be delivered empty or the deal was off.

This would require Vigorito to terminate ADH Collision’s lease to the property.

The agreed purchase price from Wynn for Vigorito in June 2016 – $9.75 million.

For some time since the offer was established, Vigorito and ADH officials attempted to reach a consensus about a monetary offer that it would accept in order to relinquish its rights under the terms of their lease.

Wynn guided Vigorito, the lawsuit states, in its negotiations. A back and forth situation erupted.

In August, the ADH alleges that Vigorito made a spate of unsubstantiated allegations of building violations – violations that had not previously been identified.

Vigorito claimed falsely, the lawsuit implies, that he was unable to maintain property insurance due to ADH Collision’s shoddy maintenance and unpermitted construction at the property.

In fact, ADH claims, the property was fully and properly insured.

ADH claims its landlord’s refusal to engage in good faith relocation negotiations with them, and assertions made of lease infractions and the harassment at the prodding of Wynn officials has irreparably harmed the collision company’s relationship with its landlord.

ADH asked for $2.2 million in June, 2016, an amount deemed by Wynn officials and the Vigorito as “too much.” according to the lawsuit.

ADH claims Wynn executive Christopher Gordon has consistently and increasingly incentivized the wrongful behavior of Vigorito in an illegal joint scheme to get rid of ADH as a tenant, according to the lawsuit.

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Please follow the link below for audio of the full conversation between Mayor DeMaria and casino magnate Steve Wynn:


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