The Wellness Center, Again

Councilor Mike McLaughlin appears to be the only voice among his colleagues raising questions about the goings on at the Wellness Center which has undergone the equivalent of a tsunami during the past 2 years.

Suffice to say, the new head of the Wellness Center has his work cut out for him as he is working shoulder to shoulder with several employees allegedly responsible for abusing and harassing other Wellness Center employees who left their jobs rather than to face the daily pressures of being harassed and degraded.

The former no-show head of the Wellness Center resigned or was fired.

It doesn’t matter.

Her replacement was a long time coming. What matters is the future.

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— Eye on Everett —

Informing For the FBI

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By Josh Resnek

What do you say to a friend you’ve done business with, or shared secrets with, or possibly did something illegal with, when you discover this friend has been informing the FBI all about you to save his own skin?

The mayor knows a bit about what to do.

He made a decision, told no one about it – no one – because to reveal what he had done would not be understood by people who believed when they were dealing with him only to find out that others in law enforcement were involved.

When you make this type of deal with the FBI, as the mayor did, it can be problematic.

What does this mean?

Dealing with the FBI, and keeping it a secret, is a bit like having a double life and trying to hide it.

The mayor has been leading that double life, or so it appears.

It is no longer hidden.

The mayor crossed an invisible line with the gangster element he seems to so enjoy cavorting with, making alleged deals, playing cards, and breaking bread together with the unknowing when he decided to give the FBI information..

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Golden Moment

In a Class By Himself

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Pietrantonio Wins Golden Gloves Championship

By Lorenzo Recupero

In convincing fashion, with a thorough demonstration of technical boxing, Ryan Pietrantonio clinched the 152-pound 2019 Golden Gloves New England Novice title at the Lowell Auditorium to become the latest local boxer to wrap up the tournament as champion.

Pietrantonio (10-1 overall) dipped, dodged and punched his way into Everett lore, joining locals Pat Gigante, Joe O’Donnell, and Richie “The Mountain” Lamontagne as the only other boxers in city history to compete in and champion a New England Golden Gloves tourney.

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Mayor Reporting on Friends to FBI and US Attorney?

By Josh Resnek

Mayor CD
Everett Mayor Carlo DeMaria

Mayor Carlo DeMaria apparently agreed to provide information to the FBI and the US Attorney’s office regarding investigations into his actions and those of others allegedly involved with him in backing the now disgraced Steve Wynn in his effort to secure the land in Everett for a casino and hotel, the Leader Herald has learned.

He signed a proffer, otherwise known as a “queen for a day” letter which is a written agreement between federal prosecutors and individuals under criminal investigation which permit these individuals to tell the government about their knowledge of crimes, according to Solomon Wisenberg of the nationally recognized law firm Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough, LLP.

If you enter into one of these agreements, you will proffer information orally in a proffer or queen for a day “session” attended by you, your attorney, the Assistant U.S. Attorney (“AUSA”) and one or more federal agents. A proffer session is a sneak preview in which you show the federal authorities what you can bring to the table if they cut a deal with you, according to Wisenberg.

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Beloved Former Mayor of Everett
Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 6.34.36 PM.png

John R. McCarthy, passed away on Friday, February 15, 2019, at Lowell General Hospital, in Lowell, Massachusetts, surrounded by his loving family, at the age of 79.

John is survived by his loving wife Priscilla (Josephson) McCarthy, of Dracut, MA, his children, Robert McCarthy, of Wake eld, MA, John McCarthy, of Dallas, TX, Darren McCarthy and wife Michelle McCarthy, of Winchester, MA, and Kristin McAuliffe and husband Jason McAuliffe, of Malden, MA, and his brother George McCarthy and wife Charlotte McCarthy, of Hamilton, MA. He is also survived by nine grandchildren.

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