Gronkowski Retires

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By Lorenzo Recupero

Future hall of famer Rob Gronkowski announced his retirement from the NFL this week, leaving the New England Patriots and its entire fan base at a colossal loss.

The larger than life sized void left by the 29 year-old won’t easily be replaced, but his legacy has shaped football history for years to come and enough for all to appreciate what he offered the game as he walks away from it.

A once wrongly predicated Belichick draft day bust, Gronk boosted the regional football experience in ways that not only our memories of hip-gyrating and ball-spiking end zone celebrations could speak of but the numbers can help relay.

Gronk’s colorful personality always made him a multi-dimensional entertainer and athlete, but to put his gridiron dominance into perspective you’d have to take a closer look at the body of work he complied over a relatively short NFL career.

In just 9 season, Gronkowski tallied totals NFL players can only dream of as he racked up NFL records along the way.

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— Eye On Everett —

Mischief though art afoot

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By Josh Resnek

The mayor has it up his sleeve to be eliminating the Board of Trustees of the Parlin Library if he has his way.

The organs of government he has under control are moving toward that end as this column is being written.

I haven’t yet read the revised changes the mayor is opting to put into the administrative code under which the library is organized, managed and run.

The mayor’s chief of Staff Ken O’Donnell and his City Solicitor Colleen Mejia requested two more weeks to explore the legalities of eliminating the present board and replacing it with something else at Monday evening’s council meeting where they spoke briefly about the effort now ongoing.

One library Board member and two residents apparently concerned about the changes coming spoke to the council about the matter.

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Council rejects term limits; rejects life tenure

By Josh Resnek

Term limits for the mayor, and for city councillors, including a maximum of 8 years for the mayor and something similar for the council, was rejected at Monday’s council meeting.

Also rejected was a request for life tenure for the city clerk.

The preference was to leave both positions term requirements and how they are presently governed by the city charter as it presently is construed.

In other words, the mayor can be mayor forever along with councilors and the city clerk can have his 5 year term renewed every time it is coming to an end.

The debate was professional and calm.

There was nothing personal about it.

“Eight years is a good amount of time for anyone to be mayor,” said Councilor Wayne Matewsky.

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Playwrite, producer Lisa Cocciardi Debuting new play on stage in Boston

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By Josh Resnek

Lisa Cocciardi grew up in Everett in a single family home on Jackson Ave. She attended schools here – the Webster School, the Parlin and Pope John, graduating in 1987 and then going out into the world to seek out her reason to live.

During the first week of April, her production company will be staging a play, ‘Compound Fractures,” at the Boston Playwrights Theater at 949 Commonwealth Avenue in Boston.

It is a triumphant return to where she went to college for Cocciardi, who attended Boston University.

It is, in a way, a defining moment at this time in her life.

She is articulate. She is warm. She is real – like the play she is producing.

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Encore Trial April 1 at MGC


By Josh Resnek

On Monday April 1 at the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, Encore takes center stage in an ongoing play that has been running for better or worse since Steven Wynn tumbled from his mighty perch as the owner and leader of Wynn Resorts.

On Monday begins a set of excruciating hearings expected to last at least several days and ending, ultimately with Encore receiving its license to operate the Wynn Resorts Casino and Hotel, or not.

If its receives the license, without which it cannot operate, all is said and done with the drama surrounding the expected opening on June 23.

If the MGC denies Wynn Resorts the license, it is a major disaster not just for Wynn Resorts, but for this city.

The city is depending on a $30 million payment to be handed over to the city treasury on the day the casino/hotel opens its doors.

Without that payment, the city will be hard pressed to meet its financial obligations.

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