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Mayor Orders 19 Inspectors to Keep Their Vehicles at Home

By Josh Resnek

When Councilor Steven Simonelli questioned the mayor Monday night about 19 spaces taken up by inspector’s vehicles in the city owned parking lot off of Norwood Street, he did not get what he was looking for.

When the mayor was done with his question about how the issue could be resolved so residents weren’t complaining that city vehicles were taking up public parking spaces, well, it was a complete turnaround for the longtime councilor.

“These 19 city inspectors will take their cars home. This will eliminate the parking problem in the square,” the mayor said politely to Simonelli.

The mayor described his move this way: “city employees need to meet in their offices with their supervisors and to write their reports.”

The mayor said it is a fact of life at city hall that city inspectors need a place to park their vehicles. Councilor Mike McLaughlin asked the mayor whether or not the city inspectors driving their vehicles home would impact the budget or cause a nuance to city held liability insurance.

He answered McLaughlin without raising his eyes to look at him.

“This will be done under the same policy that allows police and fire officials to take their cars home,” said the mayor.

End of discussion about 19 public parking spaces being used by city inspectors.

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