Thank you, Mrs. Gauthier

Since Janet Gauthier took over the reigns of the School Department as acting superintendent some months back she has done a stellar job of keeping things together and moving forward during a turbulent time when nothing seems certain in a place that was all about certainty for almost 30 years.

Mrs. Gauthier is her own person.

According to those watching she knows what she is doing, has a strong work ethic, and is setting the right example during a difficult time at the School Department.

We know this, Mrs. Gauthier will not allow the mayor’s office to take over the School Department.

She is in control.

She is calling the shots.

She knows what to do.

It makes good sense to keep her for at least the next year as right now it would be impossible to find a new superintendent in time for next year.

Mrs. Gauthier should be left alone to do the right thing.

After all, she’s been at it for 40 years and she knows what to do.

Mrs. Gauthier should be thanked for her strength and her vision during this moment in Everett School Department history when nothing seems certain.

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