The Mayor’s Behavior

There have been several calls from a handful of city councilors for an apology from the mayor to make up for his poor behavior before a city council committee hearing held two weeks ago.

We were there.

We covered the hearing.

We reported about it.

Everett Cable viewers watched it in droves. It has been discussed widely on the Internet.

There is not a hint of doubt the mayor owes an apology to Councilor Mike McLaughlin, but he owes an apology to the entire council as well.

The council, after all, is the peoples’ chamber.

You can’t be an invited guest inside the peoples’ chamber and show disrespect for its membership the way he did.

The mayor corrupted the chamber with his poor behavior, which included bullying and hostility that almost resulted in a physical confrontation with McLaughlin.

Councilor Fred Capone said it best: “each of us must maintain decorum.”

This includes the mayor, especially. We urge him to make an apology. It would be the right thing to do.

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