Runners Together

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Bobby Hall and his daughter Rachael (above) will soon be running the Boston Marathon together.

By Josh Resnek

Everett Police Detective Bobby Hall has been running around the streets of Everett busting bad guys dealing drugs for 17 years.

He is a clear headed type, no nonsense, devoted to family and job, and devoted as well to marathon running.

Since 2009, Hall has competed in 17 Marathons.

On April 15 when he rides out to Hopkinson, he will be running his 18th, the Boston Marathon.

The big difference this year since he started marathoning a decade ago, is Rachael Hall.

His daughter will be running with him and by his side. This is Rachael’s first marathon, according to Hall.

Hall, who has run marathons in New York, Chicago and Boston, said he is thrilled beyond all comprehension that his daughter will be running with him.

“I am excited. I am humbled by Rachael’s all out effort to run the marathon…and to do it with me,” he said during an interview at the Leader Herald last week.

Hall is all about humility and silent strength, exactly what is needed to run marathons, which are part head trip and part physicality.

“Running is mental release for me. I get into it and I put all my worries behind me,” he said. He and Rachael will be running in support of Cops For Kids With Cancer.

The organization is made up of 5,000 police officers who raise money running marathons for families in need with children affected by cancer. Current and retired police officers are members of the organization.

“In 2013, myself and other members raised $100,000 for the organization,” Hall said with pride.

He said he began marathoning with a half marathon run in October, 2008.

“I was hooked after that,” he recalled. Hall describes himself as a “street rat.”

He said he finds mental comfort and release in marathoning and preparing for marathons. “When I am training, as I have been recently, I just get out there, and put my head down. I did 20 big ones (miles) last weekend. It was tortuous. Two weeks ago, I did 18 miles,” he said.

He said his daughter Rachael has been doing the same.

“I’m so proud of her,” he added. He said the April 15 ride out to Hopkinton will be made all the more special because his daughter will be by his side ready to go.

“Everyone in the family and my friends all come out to cheer us on and to watch. We get great support from the city and especially from the School Department,” Hall added. For those wishing to make donations, you can contact Hall by leaving a message at the police station for him.

In the meantime, we’ll be reading the results to see where Bobby and his daughter come in when all is said and done on April 15.

Their’s is a real father and daughter accomplishment to cherish for a lifetime.

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