Runners Together

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Bobby Hall and his daughter Rachael (above) will soon be running the Boston Marathon together.

By Josh Resnek

Everett Police Detective Bobby Hall has been running around the streets of Everett busting bad guys dealing drugs for 17 years.

He is a clear headed type, no nonsense, devoted to family and job, and devoted as well to marathon running.

Since 2009, Hall has competed in 17 Marathons.

On April 15 when he rides out to Hopkinson, he will be running his 18th, the Boston Marathon.

The big difference this year since he started marathoning a decade ago, is Rachael Hall.

His daughter will be running with him and by his side. This is Rachael’s first marathon, according to Hall.

Hall, who has run marathons in New York, Chicago and Boston, said he is thrilled beyond all comprehension that his daughter will be running with him.

“I am excited. I am humbled by Rachael’s all out effort to run the marathon…and to do it with me,” he said during an interview at the Leader Herald last week.

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A Spring of First

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By Josh Resnek

It is coming up on spring.  The spring of 2019.

This will be my first spring without my mother’s heart beating on this earth.

This is personal but on the other hand, there are dozens of you out there, hundreds really, thousands even, who have lost your mothers, or another loved one whose presence is sorely missed.

I lost my mother in July.

I went through my first fall without Mum – Labor Day, Thanksgiving, the Jewish holidays, Christmas, New Years Eve and on and on without Mum.

I’m going through the “firsts” this year, that is, the first spring, the first summer and then the firsts will be over because my Mum died last July.

When that first anniversary arrives, and the distance has grown further and further away from her touch, her voice, her love for me and for my kids and my wife and my sister – well, what is there to say?

Two days ago, a very dear friend lost her mother.

I knew the woman very well.

Shen had even written a book.

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Questions & Answers About Your Water Bill

By Peter A. Napolitano,
Councilor At Large

For the past few weeks, I have been inundated with questions about the latest Water Bills. These bills have always been sent 4 times a year. At the request of many of our residents, the City will start to bill monthly. The rationale to change to a monthly billing system would make it easier for residents to budget their payment and it will help in addressing any potential water issues, leaks and such. I am not opposed to the conversion of water bills to a monthly billing system, but I have two chief concerns. Continue reading Questions & Answers About Your Water Bill

As Mass Gaming Considers Wynn Suitability, An Unresolved Sexual Harassment Case Continues

By Walter Pavlo
Special to the Leader Herald

Wynn Resorts is nearing completion of its $2.6 billion casino here that is scheduled to open in June 2019 …. that is IF Wynn Resorts is found suitable to hold a gaming license in Massachusetts.

Starting this week, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) will start to look at details of its investigation into sexual harassment actions and coverup of those actions by senior executives at Wynn.

The investigation was launched after a Wall Street Journal report detailed years of sexual harassment allegations at Wynn, mostly by its co-founder and CEO, Steve Wynn. Multi million dollar settlements with former female employees at Wynn and decades of inaction by senior staff led the Nevada Gaming Control Board to levy a fine of $20 million against Wynn, the largest ever in Nevada state gaming history.

Central in Nevada’s decision to allow Wynn to continue to have a license was its recognition of the significant changes the company made since Mr. Wynn’s departure (changed name of project in Boston, new board members, more women on board, sexual harassment policies, training, etc.). Continue reading As Mass Gaming Considers Wynn Suitability, An Unresolved Sexual Harassment Case Continues

Hanging in the Wind

With the Massachusetts Gaming Commission about to begin its public deliberations on its
long awaited investigation, the City of Everett should be saying its prayers that the MGC will look the other way, approve Wynn Resorts as the licensee, and to get on with the business of opening the place at the end of June.

If the MGC blinks, and fails to approve the license for Wynn Resorts/Encore, the city is facing a calamity quite unlike any it has faced in its long and enduring history.

The city, that is, the mayor and his chief financial officer, the ubiquitous Eric Demas, are expecting a $30 million payment as directed in the Host Agreement on the day the doors open in June. Continue reading Hanging in the Wind