— Eye on Everett —


By Josh Resnek

Since we found out the mayor is inclined to speak to the FBI in a formal fashion many Everett people, friends of the mayor and foes alike, have asked us, “What has he done? What is this proffer he signed all about? What does it mean?”

The mayor has been, and very likely remains, an FBI informant – that’s what it means.

If you speak with the mayor, or have business deals with him or have done things that aren’t exactly by the book, it is very likely he could inform on you to the FBI to allow him to continue to operate inside city hall, in Aruba, or wherever he goes during the day.

If you play cards with him in the North End, if you bargain for a contract with him, if you do a deal with him, well, he could report all that.

The proffer he signed proves he’s done this and is doing this.

The proffer is not a commendation for bringing the casino here.

It is an indictment of sorts.

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The mayor’s recent move: giving 19 inspectional services employees free automobiles

By Josh Resnek

The mayor’s recent move giving 19 inspectional services employees free automobiles has outraged Councilor Peter Simonelli and has led to vigorous debate among a number of councilors and city hall observers.

At Monday night’s council meeting, Simonelli decried the mayor’s decision giving 19 city employees free automobiles and gasoline.

“Thanks for nothing Mr. Mayor,” Simonelli said through his translator, former councilor Nick Saia.

Simonelli, who has been battling throat cancer for several years finds it difficult to speak. He had asked the mayor to come before the council to discuss parking issues in the Norwood Street area where residents were complaining that city vehicles parked in the public lots were taking up too many space making it hard to find one.

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Wynn files motion to dismiss Suffolk Downs lawsuit

By Josh Resnek

First came an amended complaint from Suffolk Downs in the federal court two weeks ago alleging that the mayor took kickbacks for the casino land deal and alleging the casino license was stolen from them by the Wynn consortium, who have proven themselves to be unsuitable.

Now comes Steve Wynn and Wynn Resorts responding in federal court, answering the charges leveled in that amended complaint claiming it is irrelevant, and does not correspond or conform to the law as it is written.

“ Mr. Wynn respectfully requests that this Court dismiss the Amended Complaint with prejudice. To the extent the other defendants’ motions raise arguments not inconsistent with those contained herein, Mr. Wynn adopts those arguments,” wrote Attorneys Brian Kelly and Joshua Sharp, for Nixon Peabody LLP, who filed the motion for dismissal last week.

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McLaughlin says mayor can’t intimidate inside chamber; charges mayor with poor leadership; nepotism, favoritism

By Josh Resnek

Councilor Mike McLaughlin castigated the mayor for challenging him physically and for his poor behavior at a committee meeting last week.

He condemned Councilor Anthony DiPierro for shutting him off from speaking at the committee hearing in a short, powerful and emotional speech which he read before the city council Monday night at city hall.

“No one should ever be physically intimidated or allowed to lunge towards another person, particularly inside the chamber where we conduct our business for the people,” he said.

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Mayor Orders 19 Inspectors to Keep Their Vehicles at Home

By Josh Resnek

When Councilor Steven Simonelli questioned the mayor Monday night about 19 spaces taken up by inspector’s vehicles in the city owned parking lot off of Norwood Street, he did not get what he was looking for.

When the mayor was done with his question about how the issue could be resolved so residents weren’t complaining that city vehicles were taking up public parking spaces, well, it was a complete turnaround for the longtime councilor.

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