Mayor Humiliates Councilor McLaughlin

Defends the Wellness Center

By Josh Resnek

The mayor used strong-arm tactics and shouted dictatorial tropes at Councilor Mike McLaughlin attempting to shut off debate about the Wellness Center at a city council committee hearing at city hall Monday evening.

With the aid of the mayor’s nephew, the nodding and sometimes smiling City Councilor Anthony DiPierro, who chaired the hearing, McLaughlin was not allowed to answer the mayor’s taunts and innuendo.

“Do I hear a motion to dismiss?” DiPierro asked after the mayor unleashed about 8 minutes of vitriol at McLaughlin.

With that, the meeting was brought to a premature conclusion but not before the mayor issued a stern warning to McLaughlin.

“We will not be back at any meeting to answer any questions this person has ever again,” the mayor shouted.

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