A giant what if regarding Encore And the future of the casino

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission is beginning Tuesday and ending Thursday three days of long awaited testimony that will lead to a number of possibilities that are all of extraordinary importance to the city of Everett and everyone who owns property here or who has applied for a job at the casino/hotel site almost completed.

These hearings will determine – the decision the MGC makes after hearing testimony for three days – will result in Encore being granted its license neat and clean, no fuss or mess about it.

That is the first possibility and perhaps the most unlikely.

The second is that the license will be granted but with conditionsand a huge fine.

This is entirely possible and bettors say it is the most likely of the outcomes we can outline here on this editorial page.

The third possibility, and considered most remote – but a possibility -is that the MGC will find Encore unsuitable to hold a license for casinogaming in Massachusetts.

The possibility of such a decision being made after almost 5000 men and women have been hired as employees and with reservations already being taken for the opening in June, is an impossibility to imagine.

But this could happen.

Either of the first two options coming to fruition and the casino opens on time, and everything gets underway without a hitch.

The city get’s its $30 million in lieu of tax payment and the hotel begins generating occupancy fees.

This is the beginning all of us are awaiting – for the successful opening of the casino should set this city free of nominal financial constraints for life.

What if Encore is denied after all is said and done?

Another buyer has to be found for the casino project who has the financial wherewithal to honor all the financial obligations that Encore would have honored.

Such a scenario could hold up the end of June opening but could not stop the casino and hotel from remaining closed for a very long period. In the end, it doesn’t matter who owns the casino and the bragging rights associated with ownership.

In the end, all we should want is our end of the money due to us for having the casino and hotel within our city limits.

The doors open and the place generating millions for the city treasury is what all of us should want as soon as possible.

Like everyone else in this city and in Greater Boston, we will be awaiting the decision of the MGC shortly after the hearings end on Thursday.

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