No Split Decision for Ryan Pietrantonio

boxing 1.jpg
Everett’s Ryan Pietrantonio (above) clinched the New England’s tournament championship April 6.

By Lorenzo Recupero

The journey – and victories – continues for local boxer Ryan Pietrantonio.

Everett’s champion recently competed in his first boxing competition, The New Englands, since besting the Golden Gloves tourney in February.

Last weekend’s split decision victory over Holyoke’s Denzel Whitley was Ryan’s eighth straight win and fourth tournament championship.

And with each victory inside the ropes, he’s more convinced boxing is his calling.

“I feel great and I’m grateful. It’s all still surreal for me. I kinda just spoke this into existence and now I’m seeing what happens when you take things seriously,” said Pietrantonio, who undertook boxing only two years ago.

The match was his first as an open-class fighter, which means he can now qualify to compete in the national tournament. Should he win all his fights at nationals, which take place sometime in June at a location to be named, it could qualify him for a chance to compete in the 2020 Olympics.

“Anything is possible at this point. If you can see it in your head it’s doable. The power of the mind and the energy you put out really shapes your life, said Pietrantonio. “It’s just one fight at a time for me right now, but the 2020 Olympics is my goal and it isn’t far from my reach,” he said.

While waiting for his chance at nationals this summer, Pietrantonio will travel to New York next for several exhibitions. He is 11-1 overall for his career.

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