Letter to the Editor

I’m writing in reply to a recent Letter to the editor submitted by library Trustee Sandy Juliano. First of all, no one ever won an argument by name-calling. For such a serious and important topic, I’m saddened to see Ms Juliano felt she needed to use a silly and demeaning nickname for me. Anyone who knows me and my family would know that is not my style, so I will look beyond that foolishness.

On an important side note, Ms Juliano mentions my sister Anna, a veteran library assistant over 35 years and someone whose professionalism is unquestioned. I’m not sure why she felt it necessary to raise her in the letter, but Anna doesn’t have anything to do with the Council vote, which is what we should be focused on.

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Steve Supino

One of the city’s most popular employees, Steve Supino, is undergoing treatments for a health issue that needs to be taken care of.

Supino will be working weekends for the city to make up for the time he is losing getting medical treatments during the weekdays.

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Mayor’s raise should be stripped

The city council has awarded the mayor with a $12,000 raise in his salary being called a car allowance.

Secretary of State Bill Galvin and Attorney General Maura Healey should investigate this outrage to our common sense.

This $12,000 raise was given as part of the budget cutting exercises at city hall Saturday afternoon.

We understand the apathy that allows such raises to be given to the mayor, who does not need it, when he comes before the council to cut the budget, to bring it in line with income.

What we do not understand is how the mayor can bully and berate his colleagues in government, humiliating them, actually, so they capitulate to his whims.

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Casino chaos engulfing city; Mayor out golfing with friends

Everett’s world has been turned upside down by reports that Wynn Resorts and MGM are apparently in talks about Wynn selling the casino and hotel.

Such news is a potential economic tsunami for the mayor and for residents and taxpayers.

There is presently no end and no beginning to the speculation about what exactly is going on.

This we all know – Wynn Resorts selling out is not a good thing for the city. It is a destabilizing move, one certain to effect the city’s host agreement and its financial well-being.

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