Will the sun ever shine again; when can we turn off the heat?

The New England spring this year is not disappointing any of us who have lived through a great many of them during our lives.

Young and old alike, even those who tend to say whatever the weather is doesn’t bother them, are hard pressed this week to just shuffle off the deplorably bad spring weather we have been experiencing.

During the past 14 days we estimate it has been rainy and or cloudy or both, substantially, for all of that two weeks.

Not only has it been wet, it has been at times, extremely windy and colder than normal.

Those of us who played baseball when we were kids coming up can recall how the cold and rain of spring here makes playing baseball and every sport outdoors miserable.

When you try to bat a ball in the cold and connect, your hands feel as though they are going to shatter.

The field is wet. The air is cold. Everything is damp and on and on. It is the same with all outdoor spring sports right now.

What to do?

There is nothing to do except to grin and to bare it.

Soon enough, it will be warm and sunny and the trees will grow lush and we will all turn off the heat, finally.

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