Stop the grandstanding; Sign and pay $35 million

If Wynn Resorts wants to go a long way in rehabilitating itself then it must sign the Massachusetts Gaming Commission judgment, agree to all of it, and send the $35 million to the state.

Claiming their lawyers must carefully scrutinize every word of it before signing, or that they might not sign it is rubbish.

This should have already been done.

The money should already have been transferred into the Massachusetts Treasury.

Instead, Wynn Resorts does not want to seem too hasty before agreeing and sending in the money to gain their suitability to be acceptable to hold a license.

The MGC is allowing Wynn Resorts to buy its license with a $35 million payment.

Pay the money and everything is forgotten.

Yet Wynn Resorts continues to play a game with the residents of Massachusetts by posturing as if they aren’t going to sign or they might not sign.

Wynn’s hesitation is all about farce in the face of reality.

This strategy at the end of a long run is so bankrupt and bereft of doing the right thing that we begin to wonder whether or not Wynn Resorts understands how lucky they are to be allowed to operate in Massachusetts with the payment of a fine.

Wynn Resorts needs to accept the ruling of the MGC, to apologize for its past misdeeds, and to pay the $35 million in fines and get on with it sooner rather than later.

Its CEO Matt Maddox needs to do the same, to pay his $500,000 fine and to sign up for his training on how to act as a ceo as required by the MGC ruling.

There is always going to be a natural disconnect between Massachusetts regulators and the folks who came to Boston from the desert of Nevada figuring they would be treated the same way here as they are treated in Nevada.

This isn’t going to happen and the MGC has made this clear. There is no wiggle room for Wynn Resorts.

Accept the deal, send in the money.

Get rid of billions of dollars of lawsuits, and then, let’s get on with the business of taking in $2 billion in the next 12 months.

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