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DiDomenico Announces Record Education Funding for Everett in Senate Budget

Last week, the Senate Ways and Means Committee released their proposed state budget for Fiscal Year 2020. All cities in Senator DiDomenico’s district received an increase in Chapter 70 funding from the proposal, with the Everett Public Schools receiving a total of $75,001,079— a $6 million increase over Fiscal Year 2019 funding levels.

“I am grateful to both Senate Ways & Means Chairman Senator Michael Rodrigues and Senate President Karen Spilka for their dedication to making education funding a top priority in this budget cycle, and I am pleased that the funds I have advocated for have been included,” said Senator DiDomenico. “With this budget, we are making it clear that we are serious about securing more funding for our K-12 public schools and reforming our state’s outdated education funding formula. This has been— and continues to be— my top education priority, and I am proud that my district will receive the additional funds that they deserve in the Senate budget.”

The Senate will debate its Fiscal Year 2020 budget next week, where DiDomenico will work to secure additional funding for his district and local organizations.

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