Schools at $85 million

By Josh Resnek

The Everett School Department presented to the mayor and to the city council a $85 million spending budget for 2020 at the joint convention Monday night.

The School Department budget reflected the collaborative thinking of school administrators and leadership with the administration. Discussions that took place prior to the budget presentation appeared to assure the School Department that it will be getting exactly what it asked for.

In talks shared around the city council table came the admonishment that no additional funding would become available during the year for the schools – and the budget figure that acting Superintendent of Schools Janet Gauthier presented would be met.

School officials appeared gratified that their budget had been accepted.

“This is a wonderful thing for the kids, for administrators and for our employees,” Gauthier told the Leader Herald.

“The administration is to be congratulated for listening to us and for doing the right thing,” she added.

The School Finance Commission and meetings the mayor held with the principals of all the city’s public schools apparently led to the School Department budget approval.

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