Working for the casino and hotel Already a reality for thousands

Encore Casino and Hotel officials estimate that 5,200 out of 5,800 jobs have been filled.

This is an extraordinary accomplishment.

This is part of the promise and it has been mightily fulfilled.

Many employees who have already passed various investigations into their backgrounds have spent the past few weeks in training.

In order to run a five star hotel such as Encore’s, the need is for five star employees, trained to deliver five star services to its patrons – estimated at 8 million this year.

Running a five star business in today’s world is a great deal more expensive and complicated than seeking to be perfunctory or middle of the road.

Encore’s reputation and ambition is to be top shelf.

It is harder to keep the top shelf reputation than it is to achieve. Nearly everything must be just so all the time at the casino and hotel. We have confidence that Encore, in this instance, knows what it is doing and does it better than anyone else in the worldwide industry today.

That’s quite a compliment to its hundreds of managers in all aspects of its business.

To have this locally is not just unique. It is, again, extraordinary.

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