Casino chaos engulfing city; Mayor out golfing with friends

Everett’s world has been turned upside down by reports that Wynn Resorts and MGM are apparently in talks about Wynn selling the casino and hotel.

Such news is a potential economic tsunami for the mayor and for residents and taxpayers.

There is presently no end and no beginning to the speculation about what exactly is going on.

This we all know – Wynn Resorts selling out is not a good thing for the city. It is a destabilizing move, one certain to effect the city’s host agreement and its financial well-being.

In other cities, mayors would have scheduled emergency meetings with the their city councils.

After all there is so much of economic importance riding on the casino and hotel project that any deviation from plans already seemingly set in stone could kick off an economic catastrophe here.

Wynn Resorts selling out, well, that’s a huge story.

That’s a 8.0 Richter Scale earthquake.

How does the mayor react?

What does the mayor do?

He went golfing with his buddies Monday afternoon.

The mayor is out of touch with Wynn Resorts and CEO Matt Maddox since Maddox learned the mayor signed an agreement to be an informant of the FBI, and since we published telephone conversations with the mayor and Maddox, Steve Wynn and Kim Sinatra, the former Wynn Resorts lawyer who was fired.

Maddox does not communicate with the mayor. Knowing he talks with the FBI, is it any wonder?

The mayor has no idea what’s going on.

He’s like a pilot flying an aircraft through a thick fog with no radar. In recent public hearings and meetings during the past several months, the mayor has appeared out of it, on edge, paranoid, a bully without boundaries threatening his colleagues unless they give him what he wants.

The greatest single thing he likes to congratulate himself for, the 5,500 jobs and Wynn Resorts, is right now doing a disappearing act before our eyes.

What does he do?

He goes golfing.

He tried to tell us Maddox is posturing.

At a moment when the city needs leadership, the mayor has taken a

vacation from responsibility.

This is no way to run a city depending on a casino and hotel for its future economic well-being.

The mayor is losing it. It is obvious to those who are watching him unravel.

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