Letter to the Editor

I’m writing in reply to a recent Letter to the editor submitted by library Trustee Sandy Juliano. First of all, no one ever won an argument by name-calling. For such a serious and important topic, I’m saddened to see Ms Juliano felt she needed to use a silly and demeaning nickname for me. Anyone who knows me and my family would know that is not my style, so I will look beyond that foolishness.

On an important side note, Ms Juliano mentions my sister Anna, a veteran library assistant over 35 years and someone whose professionalism is unquestioned. I’m not sure why she felt it necessary to raise her in the letter, but Anna doesn’t have anything to do with the Council vote, which is what we should be focused on.

As for my recent vote, the proposed changes to the City Charter were presented as a package. There were many good arguments made during the debate. However, no proposal is perfect. After carefully weighing all the cost-effective management and oversight of the library.

I realize this changes many years of history in the way the library is structured, but just because the city has done something one way for a long time doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be revised. For years, we had an outdated city that have required change, such as the popular dedicated bus lane. The change to the library takes a complicated department and bring it more in line with how other city departments operate, making it more accountable. For that, taxpayers should be happy.

As a City Councilor, I always take my role as a watchdog of the city finances very seriously. That’s the standard I apply to any vote I take. While some may not agree with every one of my votes, there’s no disagreement that i always have the taxpayer’s interest at heart.


-Rosa DiFlorio


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