Superintendent hunt sputtering

School Committee Chairman Attorney Thomas Abruzzese is finding it difficult to attract community members willing to serve on the superintendent search committee.

In fact, he has so far found no one willing to be on the committee, putting the search into a new place.

He is extending the time allowed for stragglers to sign up, if there are any out there who are interested.

The school committee had hoped to have a robust input from the Everett community before making a choice of new superintendent.

The desire, as expressed by Abruzzese, was to enlist all kinds of parents and interested parties to participate in what he called a “nationwide” search.

Maybe the notion of a nationwide search doesn’t have the luster he thought it had with local parents of school children.

Maybe parents are for the most part pleased with the Everett Public School experience and aren’t looking for great change – rather – are looking for continuity.

In the end, it won’t matter that much as Abruzzese and the majority of his colleagues will do as the mayor tells them to do. This is going on right now.

Who will be the next superintendent?

Whomever the mayor orders the school committee to vote for.

The majority of school committeemen will fall over themselves to do the mayor’s bidding for him.

There is nothing evil in this.

It is the way it is in Everett.

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