Thirty Days to a New City

There is about one month remaining before Everett becomes the stepchild of the casino, which will rule in local circles once it gets its doors open.

Everything that was once about the city will become something dominated and controlled by the casino. The casino will come to dominate life in the city.

It is very, very large. It has a life force of its own.

It will be open for business 24/7 everyday of the year.

The mayor becomes a second class citizen when the doors open.

We all become prisoners of the casino and what it is likely to bring – a traffic hassle never before seen in Greater Boston.

Nothing – we repeat – nothing is more important to the city than the casino and hotel once the doors are open.

It is hard to imagine that the casino and hotel will come to run the city and to dominate it, and frankly, to bury it under the heavy weight of its mass and its possible success.

The casino and hotel owners will do as they like.

The city will follow its directives.

The casino is overtaking the mayor.

The mayor can’t feel very good about this.

He has magnified his single minded political maneuvering but the full sweep of his grab for power is about to be overtaken with the opening of the casino and hotel.

It all changes in 30 days or less.

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