Congrats to EHS Marching Band

The award winning, national championship level performing Everett High School Marching Band marched in Washington DC during recent Memorial Day celebrations.

Performing in the National Memorial Day Parade in Washington DC on May 27 was a tremendous honor for the band, and more importantly, stands as testament to the band’s extraordinary level of accomplishment as a musical group.

It also speaks well of the city, which paid for the cost of sending the band to the nation’s capital.

No price can be put on the value of participating in such a great event.

This is an event Everett school children will recall for the rest of their lives.

The value to the students and their proud parents, the sense of pride in the community which is raised with this type of participation, is exactly what separates Everett from so many cities just like it.

It is also prideful to note that so many public officials attended the march in DC.

The state rep, Senator Sal DiDomenico, School Committeeman Alan Panarese, Council President Richard Dell Isola, Councilor Anthony DiPierro, Councilor John Hanlon, City Clerk Sergio Cornelio and Councilor Mike McLaughlin all made the trek.

With this kind of community support, the parade march by the EHS Marching Band was a great success, and something the city can take a great deal of pride in.

Our hats off to Music Director Gene O’Brien and to the Color Guard, who performed on the steps on the Jefferson Memorial.

It doesn’t get much better than this for the kids of Everett.

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