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John Tocco

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Father and son. (Photo by Josh Resnek)

Many of us who had fathers or who have fathers who cast great shadows find it harder to establish our own place in this world.

Having Steve Tocco as his father, has paved the road for John Tocco, Encore’s chief of community relations.

His father is a powerful man at Mintz Levin Strategies who is largely responsible for Encore snagging a casino gaming license.

John is not his father, but he is his own man and he does a great job.

For almost 6 years he is the point man for the city council and for the mayor’s effort to bring the casino here.

We have watched him perform before the city council perhaps two dozen times in recent years.

He is always prepared, always engaging, always entrepreneurial, and he stands as a real credit to the Encore group.

He knows his stuff. He is gregarious and friendly. He understands the local community.

His performance last week detailing traffic mitigation plans for the casino was classic John Tocco.

We hope he will stay around after the casino opens.

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